We made the Top 21 Subscription Boxes in Canada

A Year of Boxes compiled a list of the best Canadian subscription boxes, and to our surprise and delight, we made it  - in our launch month!! To top it all off, the blog post feature photo is... you guessed it, our July box contents. We are so grateful for the support, encouragement, reviews and most of all - our customers - who share our passion for unique, quality, Canadian goods. Please keep spreading the word about and help us Make It Canadian! reviews Canada150, our July Edition

What an amazing review! Each time we read one we feel so happy knowing we have delivered on our promise to provide unique, handmade, quality items made in Canada. Please take a minute and go read the entire post, but here is the synopsis: 

"I am completely blown away by Canadian Original’s debut box! They took the Canada 150 theme to a whole new level and really made me feel proud and excited to be Canadian. Our country is so beautiful and has so many talented people and I am proud to support local small businesses through this box. I cannot wait to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday and showcase all my amazing new Canadian handmade items to my friends and family!" 


Subscription Girl Blog reviews Canada150, our July Edition

Another fantastic review, this one from Kelsey whose favourite item was the wooden home decor piece (and the caramels. It's no wonder everyone loves them!) 

"Ooooh Canada!!! Feeling proud of being Canadian today! Loving the new subscription Canadian Originals, it truly is the perfect box if you love local and you love hand crafted, artisan, handmade quality products. Each month you’ll get a collection of goodies from the True North, perhaps jewelry, bath products, treats, home decor items and more! Such a fun box to get this month before Canada and for our 150th this year!"


Simply Stacie reviews Canada150, our July Edition

After being fans of Stacie's blog for years, we were thrilled to get our first box reviewed by her. Stacie is a subscription box connoisseur and we really enjoyed reading her comments - and we promise, the caramels will be in the store in August. We're pretty big fans ourselves! You can read Stacie's full review on her blog but here it is in a nutshell: "I’m happy to say that I’ve found one that is distinctly Canadian. They are based in Canada and best of all, have prices in CAD! Yay for no exchange rate and customs fees. I’m glad they started this fantastic lifestyle box that showcases all the beautiful handmade creations that come from Canadian artisans and makers. [...] it’s great to see that they came out with a box that supports handmade items from our country’s talented artisans."




Plenty Magazine is one of our favourite reads online and we were happy to sit down with Beth-Anne and share our Canadian Originals story. We talked about our shared joy of surprises and how as adults we rarely have the opportunity to be genuinely and pleasantly surprised anymore. We talked about the stories we encounter as we meet the artisans making the beautiful items that end up on your doorstep in a box. For the whole article, visit Plenty and learn more about Canadian Originals and how it all comes together in a monthly cohesive package. 


Live Laugh Blog reviews Canada150, our July Edition

Blogger review of Canadian subscription box

We have a new review from Reanna over at Live Laugh Blog and her praise made us blush and break out the champagne (just kidding - we're coffee people, but champagne sounded so much more glamorous!). You can read her full review on the blog, here is the excerpt: "I LOVE artisan subscription boxes. I love supporting local businesses, especially ones that are so close to my home! Opening a box like this is an experience that I share with my family and friends as we all enjoy the products together and really appreciate the Canadian theme, especially with Canada’s 150th birthday right around the corner. Keep in mind this was Canadian Original’s VERY first box- quite impressive for a debut subscription service! It’s exciting to see what artisans they are supporting and what new items will be appearing in each monthly box. Great job, Canadian Originals!"

Mommy Kat and Kids reviews Canada150, Our July Edition 

Note taking for blog review of subscription box

Kathryn graciously agreed to review our July box on her parenting blog Mommy Kat and Kids and she is also hosting a contest for the box. You can read the full feature on her blog, she has gorgeous pictures of all our items and also describes everything in detail, erasing the variety, value and selection. Here's her summary:

"Best of all, the boxes really do provide something for everyone at an amazing price. I know from my past shopping that $50 would normally have only been enough for me to purchase two or three of these unique items…not to mention the time spent hunting for them! I was so much happier having an entire box of useful and beautiful handmade Canadian items arrive right at my front door. To order your own Canadian Originals subscription box or surprise somebody you love, visit the website today. You may be amazed at the treasures our country has to offer!"


Canadian Box Addict Reviews Canada150, Our July Edition

Blogger typing on laptop at desk

Jill from Canadian Box Addict reviewed our July debut box and has lovely close-up pics of all the items as well as an in-depth highly complimentary review. You can read it in full on her blog, here is a brief summary: 

"The Debut July Box from Canadian Originals includes seven products. I couldn't get values for every item, but I'm pretty sure these products are worth much more than the monthly box cost. The Canada 150 theme is perfectly timed and the curation was very well done. The Canada-themed items are unique without being cliche souvenir type items. I'm very impressed with Canadian Originals debut box!."

Girl Meets Box Reviews Canada150, Our July Edition

Blogger typing review on her laptop

Lisa from Girl Meets Box reviewed our July edition and had wonderful things to say. You can read the full post on her blog but here is her summary:

"Wow, I'm so impressed with the first Canadian Originals box! I have wanted to see a Canadian subscription box like this and here it is! All the items were completely suitable for this box and the timing is perfect to coincide with Canada's 150th anniversary. I discovered several talented Canadian artisans and thought the overall box was curated beautifully. I found this box invoked a feeling of pride and look forward to seeing more from Canadian Originals!"



A Year of Boxes Reviews Canada150, Our July Edition

Coworkers sharing desk covered with packages

A Year of Boxes reviewed our debut offering and they have an in-depth feature with lots of pics. Here are their final thoughts by way of a summary, for the full feature please visit their site:

"This was Canadian Originals very first box and I think they did a wonderful job. They nailed it with the timing of the debut box, the theme, and the products. What a great way to launch a Canadian Lifestyle Box! Subscribers will receive it in time for Canada Day and it is FULL of festive items for the big 150th celebration. Talk about starting things off with a bang! I am thrilled to have discovered a new Canadian Subscription Box and can’t wait to get my hands on the next box. I’m excited to see what brands and products they feature in the next one."